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#ThatAwkwardMoment When Nobody Got Their Super Bowl Pizza

Ah the Super Bowl! A day when girls get together with their friends, get super excited about the commercials, and try not to sound extremely stupid when it comes to the rules of football. People make delicious dips and order food. It is basically a great event. HOWEVER, for some reason the Georgetown community missed out on one of the Super Bowl party staples - PIZZA. The Dominos on Prospect Street did not properly prepare for the events of Sunday, February 2. While many people ordered in advance, the Dominos still could not handle the mass amounts of pizza. They turned off their phone lines! When my friends and I went an hour and fifteen minutes past our pizza delivery time, one of us walked all the way to the store to see what was the issue. When she arrived, she found other angry customers doing the same thing. The sad thing is that the poor Dominos employees were doing the best they could and they continued to keep a happy attitude. We eventually got half of our ordered pizzas. I have heard that this was lucky as many people did not get any pizza at all (tears are forming in my eyes eyes just thinking about their poor, pizza-less parties)! I share this awkward pizza moment to give some tips about how to avoid a pizza privation once and for all!

Tip #1: If you love all kinds of pizza, grabs some DiGiornos! Those things are fantastic and you can cook them up whenever your heart desires.

Tip #2: If your heart is set on Dominos or another pizza delivery place, have the pizzas delivered a couple hours in advance before the pizza joint is swamped. Then at game time you can heat your pizzas up in the oven and its as if they just entered the room!

Tip #3: If you are really determined, order over the phone, but tell them it is pick-up. You may have to wait longer than usual, but they will be more determined to give you your order when you are standing right in front of them!

Hopefully, next year there will PIZZA FOR EVERYBODY!!!!!!

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