Sun's Out, Glasses Out: How to Find the Best Frames for Your Face Shape

Now that it’s officially spring, it’s time to break out all your springtime accessories. Sunglasses are always a must-have, but sometimes some frames flatter us better than others. Consider this article your go-to-guide to finding sunglasses that truly compliment your face shape!

The first step in finding your perfect frames is determining your face shape. Using this picture guide from beauty guru Michelle Phan is the first step.

She also provides descriptions of each shape that provide more detail:

Oval: Those of you with oval faces will have a forehead that is justslightly wider than your chin – think of the shape of an egg if you placed it upside down.  Your jawline will be a bit rounded and your face will be longer than it is wide.

Square: If you have a square face, the sides of your face will be straight and your face will be nearly as wide as it is long.  Your jawline is defined, with only a minimal curve.

Round: People sometimes associate round faces with “chubby cheeks”, but that isn’t always the case.  If you have a round face, your cheekbones are just the widest part of your face and your jaw will be curved.  Think of a square face, but with softer angles.

Heart: A person with a heart-shaped face will have a long and pointed jawline, with the chin being the smallest point of their face.  Imagine a triangle flipped upside down on one point.

Oblong: Oblong faces, or “rectangular” as it is sometimes called, are similar to oval and square-shaped faces.  The only difference is, the face is longer and less wide. Your forehead, cheeks and jawline should all be pretty much the same width.

Diamond: If you have a diamond-shaped face, your chin will be narrow and pointed and your high cheekbones will be your most prominent feature (lucky ladies!). The difference between diamond-shaped faces and heart-shaped faces is the hairline – those with diamond-shaped faces will have a narrower hairline


Now that you know your face shape, here’s a guide of sunglasses frames that most flatter your shape!