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Snow Storm Survival

Ugh. After a 75 degree Christmas in New York and a 60 degree afternoon in DC, a huge snow storm is coming to remind us that, yes, it is winter. While Winter Storm Jonas isn’t nearly as cute or lovable as Kevin, Nick, or Joe, it does give us an excuse to stay in bed for 3 days straight. However, hibernation does take preparation, which is why I have put together this quick guide to get you through the weekend. Happy snuggles!


1. Food. The most important resource. There is a 0% chance you’ll be putting on pants this weekend so go to your local grocery store beforehand and stock up. Think chocolate, popcorn, and microwavable meals. Spring break diet starts tomorrow.

2.Netflix. You need something to keep you occupied between naps and meals, hence a literal Netflix and chill date. Goal is to finish two seasons of Friday Night Lights.

3. Snuggie/PJs. Hello elastic waistbands! I bought a Snuggie 5 years ago, and it is hands down the best investment I’ve ever made. It’s time to #tbt and bust out those Juicy Couture sweatsuits.

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