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A Smart Girl’s Guide to Keeping Her Budget

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgetown chapter.

Doesn’t it seem so long ago that we made New Year’s resolutions? With the constant craziness of classes and midterms now starting up, it’s often hard to keep the resolutions we vowed to keep. If being more fiscally responsible, aka not spending all your money at Saxby’s or Sweetgreen, is one of your goals for the year here are some tips to help you stick with your budget.


  1. Make a plan

This might seem like one of the most obvious pieces of advice out there, but it’s true. Because it’s almost impossible to keep to a budget when you don’t have anything to guide you. One easy and simple plan would be creating a budget – dividing up your weekly or monthly expenses for food, school expenses, entertainment, etc.

  1. Check your accounts

Using credit and debit cards constantly make it easy to become unaware of how much you’re spending. And it’s also a lot easier to convince yourself that you have more money in your account than you actually have. So make sure to check all your accounts if not daily, weekly. This will help you stay organized and keep to your budget resolutions.

  1. Cut unnecessary expenses

While they don’t have to be extreme, making small changes to your spending habits can make a big change. Try actually using your meal plan if you have one (as horrifying as that may sound) or making coffee at home rather than buying it out.

  1. Be realistic

One of the most important things in keeping to your budget is being realistic. For example, if you absolutely must get your daily ice coffee from Saxby’s, then rearrange your budget so that this will work. Also, by keeping your financial goals reasonable, you’re more likely to stick with your budget in the long run.