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~Post-Election Feels~



Sad About Beto O’Rourke? Andrew Gillum? Lupe Valdez? I feel you. That sh*t hurted. BUT… While these defeats (and others like them) truly stink, there were many more happy victories that came out of this election as well — many of which brought us one step closer to equal representation in Congress across all different backgrounds.  So, instead of focusing on what could have been, let’s take a second to appreciate 5 of last night’s many victories that are sure to make you feel better:


  1. I have to start with my home state — Texas. Millions of Texans rooted for Beto O’Rourke by volunteering in his campaign, making phone calls, walking door-to-door, and donating all they could to fund his campaign efforts. While he did not get the victory he so deserved, do not think that all of these efforts went in vain. He made a nation-wide name for himself and put up one of the best fights against a well-known Republican incumbent that Texas has seen in years. We will be around to see Texas go blue, and we will be around to witness bigger and better things for Beto. #Beto2020 ;)

  2. Florida, while Gillum did not win, Amendment 4 was approved! More than 1 million previously convicted felons who have finished their sentences are now being given their right to vote!

  3. The first openly gay man, Jared Polis, was elected governor in Colorado — a first for a United States governor position!

  4. More than 100 of last night’s victories were female candidates. QUEENS.

  5. We now have 2 Muslim women in Congress, 2 Native American women (one of them, Sharice Davids, is an out and proud lesbian!), the youngest woman (a Latina!) was elected into Congress, AND last but not least, Democrats flipped the House!


So, don’t let yourself be too sad! History was made last night. Celebrate! :)



Rebecca Martinez

Georgetown '21

Rebecca is a sophomore in the College from Laredo, Texas. She plans to major in American Studies and is leaning towards a minor in Sociology. Rebecca is a part of GIVES leadership, leads a Catholic Faith Community (small-group) every week, and recently joined the Olympic Weightlifting Club. In her free time she can be found binge-watching Friends and Orange is the New Black, working out at Yates, and hanging out with friends.
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