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Pink Protocol: Elizabeth Murphy Homyk COL ’08

New blog alert: Pink Protocol

Have you ever forgotten to send a thank you note to a relative and wondered if it was too late to send it weeks later? Do you ever need some help putting together an appetizing display of hors d’oeuvres for when you have some friends over? Or maybe you just need a little fashion inspiration for those days when you’ve worn the same outfit to Lau one too many times? If any of these apply, or if you’re looking for a new blog to peruse, be sure to check out Pink Protocol (http://www.pinkprotocol.com)!

Fellow Hoya Elizabeth Murphy (Class of ’08) just started this new blog showing how fabulous you can make life be while maintaining ladylike manners. After just a few weeks, Pink Protocol already has hundreds of fans. With articles ranging from outfits of the day and discussions of the latest Kardashian goings on, to tips for staying sane while prepping for a wedding (hey, we can dream!), Pink Protocol covers a range of topics that apply to ladies of any age. Pink Protocol offers up inspiration for how to live like a true lady – with style, impeccable manners, and the ultimate hosting skills!  Make sure to check out all of her wedding pictures and her ‘outfit of the day’s!

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