The Packing Blues

So the time has come and the semester is ending. Studying for finals has taken over your life, and there isn’t much else you can think about. Before you know it you’re leaving, and you have to pack. What could happen is that you have no plan, your mom is coming in two hours, and she expects you to have everything together. Don’t let this happen to you, because those next few hours will be straight out of hell. Instead, make a plan, start early and follow through, so moving out is as painless as possible.

1.     Finish your laundry as soon as you can. The laundry rooms may start getting crazy and you don’t want to pack dirty clothes with all your clean clothes. Budget out three hours a few days before you leave and just get it over with!

2.     Eliminate what you don’t need. Some common rooms collect whatever you aren’t keeping at the end of the year. It has to be applicable (and in good condition), but it’ll be going to a good cause, so partake if you can. If you aren’t donating, don’t be afraid to throw things out. Obviously don’t waste things, but be ready to let some things go. You don’t want to open up your boxes next year and wonder what half the stuff is.

3.     Utilize storage. God knows my mom would want me to store everything if I could, and she’s made it clear this year she isn’t taking a lot home with her. I’ll fight this as much as I can, but storing whatever you can is a good option to have. If you don’t need your winter clothes, school supplies, room decorations, etc., make sure to hit up Corp storage. You can insure what you have within the boxes and pick them up at the beginning of next year.

4.     Sometimes it’s easier to just throw your stuff in bags, and by bags I mean trash bags. You’re probably reading this and thinking what is this girl talking about, but think about it. The trash bag takes up a lot less room, especially when you’re driving home, and it can hold a LOT. Throw all your clothes in there (or as much as you can), and you’ll have one less bag to worry about.

5.     Pack similar items together. This will make unpacking that much easier, especially if you don’t have your shirts dispersed throughout different bags or boxes. Once your stuff is categorized, labeling does help! Especially if every single box is cardboard and the same size.

6.     If you need boxes used medium-sized ones. Small ones will take up too much space if you have a lot, and large ones will be impossible to carry.

7.     If it’s possible, ship it. If you can’t put it in storage, but are flying home/don’t have enough room, head on over to UPS. They’ll give you a box (hopefully a good rate) and you can ship it home! Seeing that my brother dropped all of my clothes in the parking lot outside of McDonough last year, I may try this out.

8.     On move out day, wear an outfit that’s comfortable and able to withstand the griminess that will ensue. Unlike move in day there are no new people (aka boys) to impress, so a good outfit won’t be necessary. You will be sweaty by the end of the day, tears may or may not be shed, and you will legitimately be dirty. So break out the sneakers, work out shorts and one of the many free shirts you’ve gotten this past year.

9.     If you’re nostalgic, get a good last look at your room (maybe even leave a little note in the closet). Take a few photos if you want (when it’s still all nice and set up), because seeing your room empty is one of the weirdest things. Ever. My room this year was the best, and I will miss it oh so much. So to next year’s tenants of a certain McCarthy corner room, I am both happy and sad to pass on our room to you. Treat it well!