Nick Barton


This weeks Campus Cutie goes out to Nick Barton, who is often confused for Ryan Gosling. Nick can always be spotted around campus with a huge smile on his face to brighten anyone’s day, and is always there to offer a helping hand.  

Lets find out more about Nick…

Name: Nick Barton

Age: 20

School/year: MSB ‘17

Hometown: Riverton, NJ

Major: OPIM

Relationship Status: Single

How did it feel to be nominated as campus cutie?

Definitely an honor. I did not expect this… I called my mom! She was very excited too, so I feel very privileged to be a campus cutie.

Guilty Pleasure:

Taylor Swift music – she has a voice of an angel.

Ideal Date:

To take the girl to a restaurant by the Potomac on a nice warm evening, and then after we’ll go back, cuddle and watch a bad romcom together.

Best Pick Up Line:

“You’re wearing that dress like you’re doing it a favor.”

Best Place to Pick Up a Girl:


What’s your most embarrassing moment?:

Oh god. In high school, one of my friends ripped my uniform shirt so I had to go the whole day walking through the school with my shirt open. Then again, the ladies loved it.

Dream Job:

General manager of the Baltimore Ravens, or a stay-at-home dad.

Biggest Turn-on/Turn-off:

Biggest turn on is when a girl bites her lip. Biggest turn off is when a girl talks too much and doesn’t take time to listen.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Caring, silly, and hardworking

Who is your celeb crush?Oooh theres a lot. Probably Rachel McAdams.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I can play the ukulele.

Describe your first kiss in one word?


Whats on your bucket list?

Definitely to go to Australia.

Who is your celeb look alike?

People say I look like Ryan Gosling.

What is your biggest pet peeve?:


What’s your spirit animal:

Swedish fish. Because I eat a ton, and therefore I am.


Color: Purple

Song: 100 Years by Five for Fighting

Movie: Jerry McGuire – it balances romcom and sports

Snack: Smart Food Popcorn

Study Spot: Anywhere outside – probably Healy lawn

Sports Team: Baltimore Ravens