Min Lee and Guy Burstein


Names: Min Lee and Guy Burstein

Years: Senior and Junior, respectively

Favorite Thing About Each Other:

Guy:   His sense of humor and great rapping skills

Min: His elbows

Best Memory at Georgetown:

Guy: Hoya Hacks

Min: That one time I told a joke on stage at Hoya Hacks and people laughed

Favorite Things to do in DC:

Min: Seamlessly blend in Asian tour groups

Guy:  Stand out in Asian tour groups

Spirit Emoji:

Guy: The Okay hand

Min: Hoya Hacks Bulldog


Describe Each Other:

Guy: ⅓ Bradley Cooper, ⅓ Neil DeGrasse Tyson, ⅓ Barack Obama, and just a dash of John DeGioia

Min: Imagine Julius Caesar in ancient Mongolia. That’s Guy

Three Things You Can’t Live Without:

Guy: Naps, Sriracha, Board Games

Min: Saltines, my beanie, Old Bay

Something people don’t know about you:

Min: I’m an exceptional first date.

Guy: I only get good after date three.

Celebrity Crushes:

Guy: Andrew Luck

Min: John DeGioia + Elon Musk