Lukas Schwab

Name: Lukas Schwab

Year: Freshman

School: College

Major: Computer Science with a Film and Media Studies minor

Why did you choose Georgetown?

Georgetown is the right place to explore Computer Science for social good. Also, a friend at Harvard once called it “the land of milk and honeys.” (this is a joke)

Favorite thing about Georgetown:

The people! Everyone’s so brilliant. Makes up for rent and traffic.

Favorite thing to do in DC:

“Working in coffee shops” might be a nice way to explain away my caffeine dependence, but in DC it genuinely feels like every cafe looks out onto a completely different city.

Something people don’t know about you:

I’m really into film and into writing. Sometimes I write about film.


Three things you can’t live without:


Field Notes (all sorts, too many)

Bike (1983 Casati Perfection and the love of my life)

Trello (compulsive task management)

Ideal first date:

This has way more to do with people than plans.

Guilty pleasures:

My relationship with Jamba Juice is my second most complicated relationship Of All Time, second only to a girl I dated in middle school. Like middle school romance, my Jamba Juice addiction is long-lived and bad.

Bucket list:

I figure I should learn as much as possible before I die, but I’d be lying if I told you I have any plans beyond a list of books to read, films to watch, and places to bike. I guess I want to learn product photography? Hmm.