The Little Market

“Market?” We hear this word and our ears immediately perk up. The freshly picked apples and addicting Indian cuisine at our very own Wednesday afternoon Farmer’s Market are the only things that get us through hump day, while the Eastern Market in Capitol Hill is the sole reason we would ever leave our beds on a Saturday morning. It’s safe to say that students here love markets. We can’t help it. They’re fun to explore and sell things unavailable anywhere else. That’s why we’re so excited about the launch of The Little Market, founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla as an online market place connecting artisans from developing countries to customers worldwide.

Everyone desires handmade artisan products, yet they are not as easily accessible as say a designer product or something from a known name brand. Instead, most of these one-of-a-kind artisan products are only available in the markets of countries in which they are made, limiting both the seller’s market to sell and the consumer’s market to buy. The Little Market seeks to alleviate this problem by providing an online market place that helps support struggling artisans by providing them with a larger consumer market, while providing consumers worldwide with the opportunity to purchase marketplace products without the need for travel.

Though as college students we are always looking to score a bargain deal, we can rest easy in our purchases from The Little Market knowing that they engage in fair trade and aim to “empower women artisans to rise above poverty and support their families.” This is the mission of The Little Market, and you might be thinking this all sounds too good to be true, right? However, as we should already know from the successes of all of Lauren Conrad’s previous business ventures, it is that good, and yes it is true.

The Little Market sells products from artisans in Bolivia, India, Mexico, Nepal, and Peru, which enables them to provide customers with a diverse and interesting range of options for purchase. Their products are perfect for college students moving into their first apartment, or trying to make a home out of their on campus living space. The Sweet Rose Quilt, $180, can be thrown over your couch for those much needed power naps and movie nights, or you could even hang it up on the wall to beautify those white dorm walls by providing a pop of color and character to your space. On the other hand, if you find yourself lacking enough glassware for entertaining on the weekends, The Little Market has you covered with their variety of textured glasses, ranging from tall glasses to wine glasses, margarita glasses,and even pitchers for serving. These glasses are some of my favorite products and would definitely double as a conversation starter at your next get together.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is fast approaching, the holiday season hysteria has begun. Starbucks has come out with their red holiday cups, and sweaters and scarves have become an essential to every outfit. Yet, though this is the new seasonal style, no one wants to be caught in a “Who Wore It Best?” battle on her way to class. Avoid this problem by purchasing a hand knit Alpaca Beanie, $44, or Scarf, $100, from The Little Market. These products add comfort and style to your wardrobe, and provide a change-up from the usual designer accessories that can be found on the outfits of other girls on campus. Also, in keeping with the holiday season, Christmas décor and wrapping paper is also available at The Little Market. These products are great for adding a unique spin to your Christmas decorating, and will undoubtedly help distinguish your gifts from others under the Christmas tree.

This is only a preview of all the products offered at The Little Market. As the site grows, more artisans and products will be added, so stay on the lookout for new deals and merchandise coming from this online marketplace. Lauren Conrad is known for her cute and unique style, not only for her wardrobe but also for her home décor, and this site embodies that style that many of us envy. So, if you find yourself wishing you lived in her Instagram world of perfect pictures (don’t even try to discover the filter, she won’t tell,) then head to The Little Market to find a product that would undoubtedly be worthy of a Lauren Conrad Instagram, and make it your own.

Be sure to check back soon for an interview with The Little Market co-founder Hannah Skvarla.