Kennedy Maker

The Basics

Name: Kennedy Maker

Horoscope: Scorpio

Birthday: November 20th

Hometown: Mankato, MN

School/Year: College ’18

Potential Major: Mathematics.

Relationship Status: I am involved in and value many relationships in my life.

How did you feel when you found out you were Campus Cutie? I felt a little taken aback and think there were a lot of other great options, but I’m honored, and I think it’s a really cool opportunity regardless.


Meet Kennedy

Favorite Song: “Drunk in Love” because it’s by Beyoncé, and who doesn’t love Beyoncé?

Favorite Movie: Oh, dang, that one’s tough. I don’t even know if I know? I like a lot of movies. Harry Potter, or is that lame? The Blind Side, or is that too unoriginal? Put me down for a kid’s movie like Shrek or something.

Favorite Excuse: “Sorry, I was napping.”

Favorite Food: Where there is Chipotle, there is love.

Bowl or Burrito: Always a bowl.

Favorite Color: BLUE.

Favorite Book: Definitely To Kill a Mockingbird.

Spirit Animal: Golden retriever.

Dream Job: I think I would enjoy any opportunity to combine working with numbers and working with people, but ideally I think being a chief of staff would be an amazing experience.

Describe yourself in three words. Positive, outgoing, and energetic.


Life on the Hilltop

Favorite Place to Study: I’m most productive on Lau 3, but I think my favorite place to study would be by the fire in the Healey Family Student Center.

What do you love most about Georgetown? The people and the community.

What do you do for extracurriculars? I’m on the College Academic Council, Relay for Life, GAAP, and H*yas for Choice.

Favorite class and why? Calculus because math is my favorite subject because I like numbers.

Least favorite class and why? International Relations because there’s a lot of reading, and I’m not good at it.

Most Embarrassing Moment at Georgetown: First day of classes, I was so early that I walked in and sat down in a class that was just ending, and in a class I was obviously not a student in.


Fun Facts

Favorite Pickup Line: Hi, I’m Kennedy.

Perfect First Date: For this time of year, it would be going out to dinner and then walking back on the waterfront, stopping for hot chocolate, and ending with a nice movie where we could cuddle by the fire, except that’s not really realistic.

Biggest Turn On: I don’t really have a single turn on, but I really like people with a genuinely kind personality and a good sense of humor.

Biggest Turn Off: Bad breath or bad teeth. Oral hygiene is very important.

New Favorite Beverage: Pumpkin spice chai latte with skim milk from Saxby’s. It’s a game changer.