Jimmy Ramirez

Name: Jimmy Ramirez

School: College ‘til I Die

Hometown: Yay Area (Bay Area) a.k.a. Antioch, California, Home of Mac Dre

Major: Government


Meet Jimmy...

Favorite Book: Into the Wild and Where the Wild Things Are. Anything with wild in the title, I’m into.

Favorite Movie: I’m a film minor so this should be easy, or hard. Lords of Dogtown or Virgin Suicides. The Exorcist, too.

Favorite Song: Back That A** Up by Juvenile or Fireworks by Katy Perry. Both of them get me really emotional.

Favorite Food: Anything Mexican.

Dream Job: Simultaneously running a high school for orphans and a production studio, that also shoots documentaries. All while shooting the evening news from a hammock. I’d be so content.

Most Embarrassing Moment: One time I was running on the Canal and I was really into it, even posted a picture on Instagram. I hit the halfway mark, however long it was, and I turned around on the trail and was taken out by a little Russian girl riding a bike with tassels. There were tassels and blood everywhere, and her Russian mother was screaming at me even though it wasn’t my fault. Basically I don’t run anymore… just kidding (not really), but I don’t run near Russians anymore.

Your Spirit Animal: Oh, Notorious B.I.G. (#[email protected]_JIM)

Something People Don’t Know About You: I can cook like a pro, just call me Chef Jimmy. I used to work at a fruit stand that also doubled as a taqueria. I’m also a filmmaker, so if you want to get filmed by me… (That was extremely inappropriate, but for real though.)

Guilty Pleasure: Those frozen Reeses at Snaxa (Sorry Baker) and Pitch Perfect which is 100% my guiltiest pleasure. I know all the words. If you see me walking around campus, 99% of the time I’m listening to the soundtrack.

Life on the Hilltop

Favorite Class? Anything Social Justice-y. Anything… Or a seminar, I love learning from people.

Least Favorite Class? Math. Numbers can suck it.

Best Place to Eat? Jetties or my kitchen. No, my kitchen actually… Wait, or Jetties.  Maybe Bandolero? Just kidding.

Best Place to Take a Girl? Any rooftop. A lot of Georgetown gazing, I’m into that.

What’s something on your Georgetown bucket list? I never have made it to Club Lau. Too many people and too many beverages for that to happen…

What was going through your head when you found out you were nominated for Campus Cutie? Holy shit, I look nothing like Charlie Long.


Lightning Round:

What is your ideal date? Doing service. Going to a soup kitchen then a walk on the waterfront where out of nowhere I pop a bottle of champagne.

What’s a deal maker? When you’re sweet to people, especially anyone who’s waiting on you.

What’s a deal breaker? When you can’t look me in the eyes. Number one pet peeve.

Cold weather clothes or warm weather wear? I like board shorts and a sweater, with a tank underneath. You’re ready for anything. And for girls, whatever the season calls for.

Spicy or sweet? Spicy because I’m Hispanic and I grew up on Salsa dancing and Tapatio.

Kanye or Jay? Kanye can get it, but Chance the Rapper can too. I got the juice, anyone?

Night in or night out for a date? OUT. We live in the greatest city in the world—let’s explore it. 

What is a trend that girls participate in that you like? I love female empowerment so much. I’m into it. That should be more of a thing. Let me be your First Gentleman? Women should basically run the world. [Cue Beyoncé]

Describe yourself in three words. Really Big Ears