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Interview Style Guide

Now that second semester is upon us, most of us are scrambling to find internship opportunities for the summer and currently in the process of interviews. It’s important to make a good first impression, which starts with the way you look. Depending on what industries you’re looking to work in, you need to dress accordingly. Here are some industry examples and the type of dress that generally goes along with it:

  • Conservative dress: financial companies, consulting firms, accounting firms, law offices

A classic pantsuit is perfect for business conservative dress. Stick to colors like black and brighten up the outfit with a colored shirt but stay away from anything too bright or low cut. Also, be careful with distracting accessories.

Site link: http://pepino-ladysfashion.stfi.re/2016/06/16/suits-for-women-pants-suit-skirt-suit-womens-business-suits/?sf=okwrbdx#aa

A pencil skirt, blouse, and blazer is another option. Just be wary on the skirt length: knee length!

Site link: http://www.memorandum.com/2015/12/working-girl-wardrobe-essentials.html

A dress is another option, but like the pencil skirt, makes sure the length is at the knee! And remember for it to be a classic style (think A-line) and color or pattern that isn’t too garish.

Site link: http://www.memorandum.com/2016/09/work-wardrobe-staples-best-knit-sheath-dresses.html

  • Business casual: Sales, government agencies, engineering, real estate, tech companies, small companies

Business casual is sometimes difficult to define – basically; you still need to look professional but in a more relaxed way. When in doubt, make sure the outfit is modest, classic, and not too flashy. A knee-length skirt and a blouse is a safe way to go.


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  • Creative/fashionable: fashion, music, entertainment, graphic design

You should show your eye for design and color, but without looking ostentatious and out of place. Feel free to experiment with color and print, but stay looking polished with simple silhouettes.

Site link: http://www.puttingmetogether.com/

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