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Hoya Alumni

Hoya Alumni 

Every Homecoming weekend Georgetown welcomes back it’s Hoya Alumni. Tailgate, the football game, the chance to sit in on a class, the opportunity to see old friends, and a number of other events draw crowds of recent and not-so-recent alumni back to the Hilltop. 

This weekend the biggest celebs were old friends and family members who made an appearance back to their old stomping grounds. 

Homecoming is a chance to reconnect, and a chance to relive great times and make new memories!

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Julia Matin


Julia Matin is a senior at Georgetown University, studying English and Government. She is Vice President of Human Resources at the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union, the largest student-run financial institution in the country. Her interests include writing, lacrosse, field hockey, and skiing. Julia is thrilled to be co-founding the Georgetown branch of Her Campus with Catherine Murphy!
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