How To Survive Accounting 101 As Told By Mulan

You have successfully completed your first semester at the McDonough School of Business, and you’re hopefully feeling pretty good. You’re thinking you did a good job with pre-registration, and you’re ready for a fresh start with spring semester. That is, until you walk into your first accounting class:You’ve heard the rumors about how terrifying Accounting 101 can be, and how it’s the first truly challenging course you’ll have to take. There are midterms that always seem to fall at exactly the same time as exams in other classes. There are concepts you’ve never even heard of before. The homework seems like it takes five years to complete every week. And after you receive your first grade back, you might feel like this: 

Don’t be discouraged at the beginning. If you stay committed to learning the material, you can get through this! Many people have successfully passed the course, and there are always TA sessions as well as office hours hosted by professors that are immensely helpful.  Make sure you’re keeping up with other important aspects of your life and staying kind to yourself. It is absolutely okay to take a break from work and to relax, even if it seems like everyone is sacrificing their sleep or feeling stressed out.

Before the next midterm comes or the next case project, just do the best you can and give yourself a pep talk! And remember, at the end of the day, while grades are important, they aren’t everything. The best part about Accounting 101 is that it is a required course for all MSB students, business minors, and Global Business Fellows. That means that a lot of you will take the course at the same time (especially in the spring semester), and you’re all in this together! The friends that help you get through the tough times will make your Georgetown experience.

At the end of the day, you will survive! If accounting isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it. There is always more than one path in life, and the challenges you encounter along the way will only help you find yours.