How to Save Money on Food in College

If you’re at that point in the semester where you feel sick of Leo’s or your wallet is really taking a hit from splurging at Wisey’s, know that there are plenty of more affordable ways and tips to get food on campus. 

Best New Cheap Spot in Georgetown: Falafel Inc

Falafel Inc is located at 1210 Potomac St NW, which is a short ten minute walk outside the front gates. It’s one block past Georgetown Cupcakes and is a great spot for a quick lunch or dinner.. They sell falafel bowls and salads for $4 and sandwiches for $3. They also have delicious sides for $3, and you can try their world famous sauces in different combinations to really personalize your meal. Not only is this incredibly cheap for a Georgetown location, but the revenue goes toward the notable cause of helping refugees. You can get your meal to go and find a nice spot along the waterfront to take a break from campus. Because it's much cheaper than a meal at Leo's, you can definitely feel good dining at this place. Sticking with water rather than ordering expensive drinks and saving leftovers to make into a second meal are other quick tips for saving money when going out to eat.

Packing Your Own Lunch

Between Safeway and Trader Joe’s, there are lots of options to when it comes to picking up ingredients for making cheap and convenient meals. For many busy college students, preparing meals the night before the week starts can help. It’s really easy to make sandwiches or cook pasta in a large quantity and pack it away in containers to store in your refrigerator to eat throughout the week. These two types of meals also have simple ingredients that are perfect for the inexperienced college chef. Check out these testimonials from real students across the country who follow this tip and have additional advice for saving money on food.

Making the Best of On Campus Dining

As an underclassmen, you’re required to have a meal plan. Whether you have the unlimited plan or 14 weekly swipes, you never want to feel like you’re wasting money by not using all your swipes. The best way to force yourself to finish using your weekly swipes is to make Leo’s plans with friends or go between classes as a break. If you tell yourself to go during the week, you can probably finish using all of your swipes and explore more fun places to eat over the weekend. You can also always take a piece of fruit to go after eating downstairs, which can help justify the high price you’re paying per meal swipe. Now that Leo’s is renovated, there are many more options upstairs that are convenient if you don’t have the time to sit down and have a meal. Just make sure you don’t go at peak hours so you’re not stuck waiting in long lines. Going in the early mornings, afternoons at 11 am, and early dinners before 6 pm will help cut your waiting times. Check out our guide to Leo’s for more tips.

Managing a budget in college can be tricky, especially if it’s the first time you’re supporting yourself on your own. Tracking your spending can help you better handle your finances and give yourself the chance to know when you can afford to treat yourself.