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Guess Who’s Back, Back Again?

Lots has happened since we last left off during finals, and we here at HerCampus Georgetown are prepared to tackle a brand new semester. Since our arrival back on the Hilltop there have been new classes, more work, those first few crazy weekends so we can “let loose” (just in case break wasn’t relaxing enough), winter weather, and the realization that the year has once again flown by. Second semester is a blur, so I recommend getting yourself ready for what’s ahead.


If you had the chance to make it to the Inauguration, I might have seen you but was so cold/delirious, I would have no recollection. I spent the hours between seven and eleven huddled on the ground, wrapped in a blanket, attempting to finish my mythology homework. Clearly I am prioritizing here guys… From the atmosphere to the people and yes, the Inauguration itself, that Monday was one of those days you don’t forget. I would give a shoutout to Beyonce, but with all the controversy which surrounded the whole lip-syncing issue all I have to say is Queen B is still my girl. (Since Inauguration, she clearly stopped all the commotion with the mind-blowing performance she put on… I may or may not walk to every class listening to “Diva”, pretending to be her.) 

We’re already in February, getting ready for midterms, which makes absolutely no sense to me, because how could it possible be February? I can’t process it, but I guess I have to, otherwise I’ll be failing all my tests. On a parting note, congratulations to the new HC Georgetown members. I am so excited to have you ladies involved, and can’t wait to officially get this all kicked off! (That doesn’t really make sense, but we’re just going to go for it…) 


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