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#GTownTrending: Emmy’s

Emmy’s, Emmy’s, the Emmy’s are here! You know that fall has indeed arrived when your favorite television stars squeeze into sequent studded gowns and coif their hair with an absurd amount of gel – no this is not an episode Glee! This is the Emmy’s. Sofia Vergara – could you be any prettier? This lady looks like she has just turned 30. We can only dream to one day be a small, small fragment of what she has blossomed into. Take a break from that econ problem set and check out the gorgeous gowns from the 2012 Emmy’s!


What, and I mean WHAT happened to Matisyahu?! His song “Sunshine” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_Vt4MlbM0c ) is definitely worth adding to your study or workout playlist, but I just don’t understand where he went. He looks like an entirely different person. Where did his beard go?


It is said that the best form of flattery is imitation. I guess Lindsay Lohan can only say that to herself now that Amanda Bynes has been stealing her thunder by crashing cars and hitting policemen up and down the California coast. But really Amanda and Linds? REALLY. How is it even possible to hit a cop car? Was it parked? Were you purposely out to slam into a patrol vehicle? There must be some underlying urge to get caught – or else there is simply no other explanation. Besides their continuous legal and vehicular troubles, these two girls share many other frightening similarities – child star backgrounds and dreadful hair extensions. Here’s to cutting your losses and chopping off (or ripping out the fake) hair follicles like Ms. Miley Cyrus has recently done… Learn more about these famous hot messes on Perez Hilton!


I leave you with what can only be described as a true example of the “American Dream.” We have long followed Honey Boo Boo Child here at Her Campus Georgetown. Now, finally, the day has come when we can let out a sigh of relief, pride and perhaps utter disbelief. Our feisty fireball, who blessed us with such iconic catch phrases as “Dolla make me holla,” is now a full blown television star. Take a moment to share in our joy and check out Honey Boo Boo’s very own WEBSITE”


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