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GIVES: Philip Dearing

While people were buried in textbooks and banging out research papers, the students involved with GIVES worked to make your finals week a little bit brighter. Her Campus talked with co-chair Philip Dearing (COL ’15) about Georgetown and GIVES.

What is Georgetown GIVES? When was it started?

GIVES stands for Georgtown Individuals Vocal and Energetic for Service. We do small acts of service to change Georgetown from a culture of stress and self-doubt to one of gratitude and giving.

What’s your favorite part about GIVES?

I love seeing someone light up when we’ve made their day!

GIVES recently decorated campus for Christmas- what other activities do you guys do?

We are best known for doing Random Acts of Kindness, but we also do a number of more traditional service initiatives. We are now doing an adopt-a-family program for about 20 families.

How can people get involved with GIVES?

We are accepting new members for our committees in the spring. We actively fight against the exclusivity of many clubs here, so if you want to get involved we would love to have you!

What else are you involved with on campus?

Besides GIVES, I’m a member of a cappella group The Phantoms, Best Buddies, a captain for NSO, the service and outreach coordinator for the Georgetown Running Club and I’m a development associate for the Hilltop Microfinance Initiative.


Lightning Round

Favorite movie: It’s a Wonderful Life

Dinner with any person, dead or alive: Thomas Jefferson

Dream concert: Beyoncé

Favorite season: Spring

Dream vacation: Russia

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