Garrett Perconti

Name: Garrett Perconti

School: College 2015

Hometown: Boonton Township, NJ


What is a trend that girls participate in that you don’t like/get/just wish it would stop? Trying to impress guys too much, just be you.

What was going through your head when you found out you were nominated for Campus Cutie? My mom will probably be pretty happy.

Name your guilty pleasure: Rom coms and strawberry Haagen-Dazs.

What is your spirit animal? The caribou.

What is the most embarrassing fact or story about yourself? I still can’t navigate the ICC.

Describe yourself in three words. Driven, Weird, Supportive.

What’s something on your Georgetown bucket list? Marine Corps Marathon.


Hot or Not: 

Miley Cyrus (currently): Hot. I appreciate her bold/baldness.

Playing hard to get or being open: I like to have fun, but I don’t play games. 

Blonde or Brunette: Brunette (with blue eyes).

Selfies: If a girl seriously does one, then no. But if it’s funny, then yeah, go for it.

Kate Middleton or Pippa Middleton:  Jennifer Lawrence. Just watch the Hunger Games…