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Freshmen Diaries: 8 Apprehensions as a New Georgetown Freshman

Hi! I’m Caroline and I’m a brand-new Hoya, class of 2016! This year, I’ll be walking you through my freshman year–the good, the bad, the fun, and the ugly—in my Freshman Diaries posts.

But for now, I haven’t even arrived on campus yet. Being an avid HerCampus.com reader, I’ve read up on how to be a great collegiette and make the most of my four years on the Hilltop. Nevertheless, I’m still arriving on campus with nervousness and excitement both.

My Top 8 Apprehensions as a New Georgetown Freshman:

1) Eating at Leo’s alone
I can’t be the only freshman with this fear. Sure, they say there’s no shame in it, but wouldn’t you feel kind of sorry for the little freshman who has trouble working the drink machine and then doesn’t even have anyone to sit with?

Solution: Ask a new friend from class to eat with me. Or commence awkward mealtime where I pretend to study so as not to look horrifyingly awkward.

2) Not being able to help myself with all-you-can-eat dessert at Leo’s
And speaking of Leo’s…I don’t get really excited about food except when it comes to dessert. I could eat dessert for every meal. So why do I have a feeling I’ll become known as the girl who always leaves Leo’s with an ice cream cone and two cookies in hand?

Solution: Sneak dessert into backpack. Hoard and eat like a hermit in my dorm room.

3) Being that kid who’s overly friendly during orientation
Sure, everyone’s new and having to make new friends, but it’s easy to become known as the over-zealous girl who is wide-eyed and almost creepy as she introduces herself to everyone and won’t stop talking about how fun this all is, even though we’re all a little sick of open houses and ice breaker activities.

Solution: ask other people questions about themselves so as not to do too much talking myself.

4) Being that kid who seems unfriendly during orientation
Shyness could easily come off as unfriendliness when I don’t know anyone. Even though I really do want to meet people.

Solution: Similar to #1, and remind myself to smile. :)

5) Taking college classes.
Wait, I actually have to go to class. I keep forgetting that. Sure, they’re freshman classes, but am I going to do OK?

Solution: gather arsenal of highlighters, cute post-it’s…and a coffeemaker.

6) Looking too dressed up the first day…or too dressed down
What you hear from upperclassmen (at any college) is often contradictory when it comes to how to dress for class. “Don’t get too dressed up. It’ll look like you’re trying too hard. But also don’t look too casual.” Umm. OK. Excuse me while I go scour my closet (which is now a three foot wide locker more than a closet) for something that fits those criteria…

Solution: Potentially look out-of-place my first day…and then adjust accordingly.

7) Making a bucket list and never accomplishing it
Confession: I bought a DC guidebook this summer. And I made a bucket list. But I’ve heard far too many stories of upperclassmen saying how they didn’t take advantage of DC like they thought they would, and it seems all too easy to fall into that same trap myself. I can already see my brain making excuses when wanting more sleep or study time: “You know you have four years, and Washington will always be there, right? You’ll do it another time.”

Solution: Write up a big bucket list of things just to do freshman year with my roommate, and then knock ‘em off, one by one. Seeing it on the wall with giant checkmarks should be a pretty big incentive, right?

Well, that list wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be. Sure, my worries are valid, but at least I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. Everyone’s new, no one has been to college before. Time to start four years as a Hoya! 

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