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Four Places to Study that Aren’t Lauinger Library

Everyone jokes about Lau being the ugliest building on campus, but it’s very true. There are only a few spots with windows and natural light and the cubicles are isolating, making the already dreadful task of studying or tackling a paper even worse. I think that in order to be productive you have to have the right mindset and part of that comes from the environment you’re in… and let’s face it, Lau isn’t exactly inspiring. Here are some different places to study that will be less depressing and more inspiring for when you really need to get stuff done but just can’t imagine spending hours in Lau.


Blue Bottle Coffee

    Blue Bottle has a lot of space, good coffee, and avocado toast, muffins, and other cafe snacks. It’s pretty close to campus, but because it’s off of M street and somewhat hidden, it’s a little quieter than Saxby’s and Starbucks.


The Library of Congress

    I know it’s not exactly conveniently located, but it’s beautiful and quiet. The atmosphere also makes me want to be productive. Going to the LOC will switch up your routine and give you a break from campus and during midterms and finals seasons, that might be really beneficial. Getting your library card is also really easy and it’s free. Just make sure you bring your ID; check the website for more information.

(Image from brandonkopp.com, taken by Brandon Kopp)

Bioethics Library

    The Bioethics library has more limited hours than Lau, but it’s a really nice alternative when you don’t want to leave campus but want a change of scenery. It looks like when I pictured college looking like when I was younger and it reminds me of Riggs, which is a beautiful library.


Peet’s Coffee

    Peet’s Coffee not only has an unlimited supply of caffeine but it’s also not far off campus, so you can break the bubble without having to waste a lot of study time traveling. If you don’t mind working somewhere a little louder, Peet’s is a nice alternative to studying on campus.


Madelyn McLaughlin

Georgetown '22

Madelyn is a freshman Human Science major in the NHS from NJ. When she's not rewatching The Office or Grey's Anatomy (again) she will probably be on a vanilla chai latte run.
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