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The Five People You Saw on Halloween

Halloween: The one time a year where you are encouraged not to wear boyfriend jeans and slip-on sneakers or LuLuLemon. It makes for a whole new level of people watching, although everyone ends up falling prone to a stereotype. Read below for a list of the 5 people you see on Halloween.

1.    The Karen

The Karen is your typical college girl who interprets “dressing up” as “dress minimally.” The entire point of pretending to be something you’re not is completely forgotten, as she could not be more herself unless she were naked. A sequined bra and a white tutu? How could anyone not tell you are a butterfly?

2.    The Nudist on Strike

The Nudist on Strike is either the ultimate procrastinator or your “too cool for school” friend. He or she refuses to partake in the traditions of Halloween while still taking advantage of all the themed parties. Thanks for being a buzzkill.

3.    The Dynamic Duo

#BFFS. The Dynamic Duo consists of 2+ individuals (usually girls) who dress alike every other day of the year but make a point of it on Halloween. They are more likely to be spotted in an Instagram than in real life. “I promise my slutty Robin costume doesn’t look as stupid when I’m with slutty Batman.”

4.    The King of the Playground

The King of the Playground usually wears a “funny” costume like a dinosaur onesie or a Bill Clinton mask. While they are technically doing Halloween the “right” way, they manage to ruin it with their condescending attitude. Wearing clothes does not make you better than everyone, thank you very much.

5.    The Cat

Self-explanatory. You will see at least 5 cats at any given time.

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