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Imagine the following scenario: You and your friend are hanging out on a Saturday with no plans. A great idea comes to you. Why not drive to the monuments? Why not cruise around Adams Morgan? Then you remember, you don’t have a car…

Introducing Car2Go. If you haven’t seen them by now, you will start to notice the white and blue smart cars parked around campus. These ‘Car2Go’ vehicles offer an exciting car sharing opportunity for Georgetown students. Car2go is unique because of the minimal rules and regulations required to drive the cars. No security deposits, monthly fees or reservations required—just a one-time $35 membership free. Coming and going as you please is easier than ever!

The deal: Register online and receive your Member Card in a matter of days. Reserve the car ahead of time or just find one on the street (there’s a handy app that can locate them for you too) and go! The additional charges are minimal, charging a small 38 cents per minute fee. That’s only $13.99 for an hour—perfect for a quick trip to Safeway! After you’re done driving, don’t worry about dropping it off in a specific location—simply park it wherever you can find a spot! Forget about gas, parking, service, insurance or cleaning—the company takes care of everything for you!

Forget about the Metro or Guts Bus. Get out of Georgetown in style and take a spin in a Car2Go!


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