Best Coffee Shops in Georgetown

Our society is obsessed with coffee, and college students are no different. Whether we need it to keep us awake, get us through our toughest classes, or simply crave the taste, Georgetown has a lot of options for us both on and off campus.

1. The Corp 

On campus, the Corp provides many coffee shops. You can check out Midnight Mug in the library, Uncommon Grounds in Sellinger Lounge, or More Uncommon Grounds in the main floor of the ICC. They sell the classics with some twists; my favorite coffee drink is UG Love, which you can purchase at Uncommon Grounds. The Zenmaster is also a great tea option for those who love jasmine. Another perk is that you can spend your flex dollars at these shops. You can’t go wrong with coffee and tea drinks at Corp locations!

2. Starbucks

Located next to Cosi and Marketplace Grab-and-Go on the fourth floor of Regents is a Starbucks, where you can find all your favorites. While I think that the drinks at Starbucks are overloaded with sugar and are priced too high, you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting. You can spend your flex dollars at this Starbucks location, which is another bonus. 


3. Einstein’s Bagels

Einstein’s is located in Car Barn, and it’s a great option to use a meal swipe or flex dollars when you’re tired of Leo’s or you have a class nearby. They primarily sell bagels, but you can get coffee here as well. You’ll make your coffee yourself, so it’s the perfect choice for those who know exactly the amount of creamer and sugar to use. For those looking for more fancy or flavorful options, getting coffee here is probably not the best idea. 

4. Saxbys Georgetown

Saxbys is part of a Georgetown tradition. Located a few blocks outside the front gates right on O St, its convenient location and connection to Georgetown are unbeatable. Its menu has a wide variety of coffee, smoothies, frolattes, teas, and more. You’ll frequently see students at this coffee shop, and if you’re lucky, some of Georgetown’s more famous residents.

5. Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee only recently opened a location at 3299 M St, and the reviews are great. There is space for you to study as well as a variety of options on the menu for coffee, tea, and baked goods. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking to try something newer or you want to find a place to have a meeting off campus. It’s a little further than the other options listed on here, but if you want to get outside the front gates, you should definitely check it out. 

You can also get your coffee fix in Georgetown at District Doughnut, Baked & Wired, Dolcezza, Olivia Macaron, and more. There are so many places and shops to try in our beautiful neighborhood; you’ll be sure to find your new favorite coffee shop! Venture further out into the greater DC area for even more options. 

If you’re worried that your coffee addiction will break your bank, consider making coffee at home. One study reveals that you really shouldn’t be charged over $1 for a cup of coffee. Even though coffee shops are clearly overpricing their products, we can’t help but love our favorite spots. They remind us that in our busiest and most stressful times, it’s still important to try to relax and enjoy ourselves.