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8 Items You Need to Survive this Semester

Now that midterms are over, you may be looking for a little pick-me-up or a way to treat yourself after all that agony. Her Campus Georgetown will be offering just what you need! Keep your eyes out for our Instagram giveaway by following our Instagram @hcgeorgetown or liking our Facebook page Her Campus Georgetown. In the meantime, get excited for your chance to win an assortment of the following products to help you get through this semester.

1. Freeman Feeling Beautiful

The Freeman Beauty masks are perfect for a pamper night! Plain and simple: midterms=stress=breakouts. We tried the deep clearing, rejuvenating, and polishing masks and put them to the test. The deep clearing mask is made of manuka honey and tea tree oil. This mask is great for sensitive skin that needs a soothing refreshment. The rejuvenating mask is cucumber and pink salt clay and is perfect for new breakouts. Then there’s the gel polishing charcoal and black sugar scrub which is best for blackheads! No matter what your skin needs, Freeman has a mask for it! Pictured above is just one example of their many products. 

2. Bed Head

For the days when you wake up exactly 5 minutes before class, Bed Head has you covered! Their Rockaholic dry shampoo can give your hair that shiny, healthy look in 10 seconds flat, leaving you ready for class and the day, while their hairspray products can give you that perfect finishing touch.

3. Aeropostale

Aeropostale is a great place to find the perfect accessories to complement your fall outfits! They sell sunglasses that are super cute and very reasonably priced compared with other top brands. Aero also has awesome hair accessories like scrunchies and headbands which are super on trend for this fall as well as cute jewelry accents.

4. Spindrift

This is a sparkling beverage brand that uses real fruit in its products. The carbonated part of the drink combined with the fruity flavor gives you the perfect refreshing feeling that you need. You can enjoy it with a meal or simply to unwind and relax while hanging out with friends!

5. Erin Condren

If there’s one word to describe Erin Condren’s on the go planner, it would be chic. With the intricate floral design and the beautiful layout, this planner is perfect for any girl with a flair for sophistication. Featuring special pages, like the planning page and the blank pages at the back, you can personalize your planner to what best fits your needs. If you’re constantly on the go, the simple layout makes it easy for you to plan your life.


As a late-night snacker with a sweet tooth, I’m always looking for convenient and yummy snacks to try. HI-CHEWS are the perfect combination of chewy and juicy, and they come in a wide range of flavors from strawberry to mango. They’re perfect for anyone craving something sweet and fruity!

7. L’Oréal Paris


L’Oréal Paris never lets us down with its quality products, and this time is no different. Now that fall is well on its way, if you’re missing your summer tan, fear not! Try a self-tanning mist from L’Oréal Paris for a natural look that will make you feel ready to tackle any cold weather as you wait for summer again!

8. Steripod

For any girl that wants to make sure her tooth brush is clean and germ free in her dorm bathroom! Perfect to just clip on your toothbrush and forget about it. They’re great for a college girl always traveling or for your shower caddy. Avoid germs that will make you get sick in college effortlessly with steripods!

We can’t wait to share these products with you in our giveaway this semester and hope you find them just as useful as we do!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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