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5 Things Every Collegiate Needs At All Times

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgetown chapter.

The plight of pockets when it comes to girls’ clothing is one we all know too well. But if we’re forced to hold a backpack or purse everytime we need to go out, it’s important to at least have the bare necessities to get the most out of the bag of your choice. Ahead are the main items in my bag that are one of the few constants in my life.

Mobile Charger

A cell-phone is one of the most, if not most, important things to have in today’s society. We all know how annoying a dead phone is, so avoid the issue altogether with a mobile charger! I got mine for around $15 at T.J. Maxx and it never leaves my bag when I’m going out. Belkin has some pretty high reviews for their portable chargers so they’re worth checking out.




Because having crusty lips is never fun and licking them just makes it worse. Burt’s Bees, Nivea, and the classic ChapStick are my top three brands since they tend to be cheaper than Maybelline’s Baby Lips (which I love just as much!). The best part is that all of these can usually be found at your local drug store.





Like crusty lips, dried and cracked skin is also bothersome to deal with. Carrying around a small tube of lotion is always a great idea, but be ready to share with friends if they see you take it out of your bag! I really like this lotion from Nivea because you can use it on your face and your hands. I’m pretty picky about hand lotion versus face lotion, so this is a great way to get two in one.




I feel like this one is a given, but nonetheless always make sure to carry your wallet with you since it can hold your driver’s license, money, credit card(s), and any business cards you give or receive. Check out Target or T.J. Maxx for some affordable but cute styles! My own wallet is one from Kipling that I got on sale at Macy’s around four years ago and it’s still holding strong through everything I put it through.



For those days when you want to lean your head on the bus window and stare moodily into the distance with Enrique Iglesias’s “Hero” playing in the background. I’ve found that splurging on a good pair of headphones is worth it in the long run, since having to buy pair after pair of cheap headphones is a sure way of spending money that could be put to better use. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I’d rather stay with my old-fashioned headphones than the wireless ones (I’m scared I’ll lose them knowing me…).




Besides these five essentials, there’s usually some mix of items in my bag that I take out and put in depending on the occasion. Tampons, pens, an umbrella, bandaids, snacks… it’s always better to be prepared for any situation that arises. What’s in your bag?

Mariel Gonzalez-Medellin is a sophomore at Georgetown in the Walsh School of Foreign Service. She is hoping to major in Culture and Politics with a concentration in Women and Gender's Studies. Besides being a part of Her Campus, she is also involved with Georgetown's Sexual Assault Peer Educators. Her favorite pastimes include being a tourist in DC and reading poetry. 
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