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5 Reasons We Can’t Wait For the Mad Men Premiere

Only a few more days until the Mad Men Season 5 premiere and I don’t know if I’ve been anticipating anything more (except maybe the Hunger Games). It’s been over a year since we’ve seen Don and the gang, so let’s take a moment to reflect on a few reasons why this show is on our don’t-miss list. Besides the fact that it’s casually a four-time Emmy winner.

  1. Betty Draper: we love to hate her…or do we hate to love her? Betty is scary and borderline unstable and often gets in verbal/physical arguments with children…but she is also fabulously sharp and provocative and reminds us of Grace Kelly. She fell into the shadowy background last season since Don and his mid-life crisis were the center of the plot, but this year… Betty. Is. Back. And we secretly love it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXMdxKHm67Q
  2. Megan, Don’s Secretary/Fiancé?: it goes without saying that we were all thoroughly confused by Don’s proposal to Megan in the season 4 finale. Seriously…Don Draper with a nice girl? What? Momentary insanity? Or will Don’s change of heart be permanent and will Megan be a new addition to the Mad Men family? I’m not optimistic. People don’t change, especially not you Don Draper.
  3. Joan: will her adorable husband find out that the bun in Joan’s oven isn’t his? Really, when will these outsiders learn that nice guys can’t compete with the somehow attractive alcoholic skirt chasers (like Roger) who live in Joan’s professional world. And when will Joan learn that she simply can’t join the boys’ club, no matter how hard she tries? Sometimes we think she wins. She gets sick of the pathetic, immoral lifestyles of the men in her life. She dumps Roger, quits her job. But she always comes back. And so do we.
  4.  Peggy Olson: the question of the century—will Peggy ever stop whining? She tries her hardest and, in her defense, kicks butt at what she does. But she works for Don Draper and she’s never going to get the credit she is due, and the sooner she realizes this the better. She has potential to be stronger than she actually is, so this season, here’s to Peggy not complaining when she lets Don Draper walk all over her for the millionth time.
  5. The Clothes: 1950’s/60’s style couture is in this spring…coincidence? Yeah, right. Even high-end fashion designers can’t deny their Mad Men obsession. If you need proof, check out Prada’s 50’s-Inspired Spring 2012 Campaign Video: http://videos.nymag.com/video/See-Pradas-50s-Inspired-Spring#c=9NZ97G2018ZGCVF8&t=See%20Prada’s%20’50s-Inspired%20Spring%202012%20Campaign. So channel your inner Betty Draper this spring and check out Sunday’s two-hour premiere for more wardrobe inspiration. What better way to celebrate the show’s long-awaited return than to dress the part? 

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