5 Kinds of “Fashion” Guys Don’t Understand


It’s not hard to realize that when it comes to female fashion, most men are utterly lost. For a guy, it’s easy. Wake up, throw on pants or shorts (ideally with a button and a zipper) and a t-shirt and they’re good to go. Girls, not so much. We hem and haw over what we should wear, how many layers, the extent of matching we’re aiming for, and what kind of statement we’re trying to make with our outfit…. It’s really time consuming. And ultimately, a lot of that time goes unnoticed and unappreciated by the male population.

I asked fifty guys to give me three fashion trends, which was later simplified to “things girls wear,” that they don’t understand or just don’t like. Here are the recurrent trends and what guys had to say about them. The quotes are all real, but the guys asked to stay anonymous so you can only guess at which guys are hating on your looks.

Read on to see the five trends that came up the most!