3 Affordable Ways to Drive Around Georgetown

Traveling around D.C. and Georgetown can be a hassle, especially with the traffic during peak hours. However, if you’re a Hoya who is missing the thrill of driving, there are a few options that have different benefits you should consider.

1. Having a Car on Campus

The university outlines its rules regarding cars on campus and travel alternatives on their website. Georgetown doesn’t allow students to have a car on campus, so saving on car expenses is probably the last thing you’re thinking about. However, if you’re one of the lucky few upperclassmen who has a parking spot included in their off-campus housing, there are a few things you should keep in mind when evaluating your options. For car insurance purposes, if you’ve been on your family’s policy since high school and all family members have good driving records, you should stay on your parents’ car insurance policy. Some policies even have special discounts for students who attend college far from home or for good grades. For more details, this study outlines key considerations for college student car insurance.

2. Renting a Zipcar

There is a Zipcar parking spot right outside VCW, offering a convenient location and easy access for Georgetown students. Gas and car insurance are already included with Zipcars. To join, you simply apply online to request a Zipcard, which will give you a student discount and permits you to use Zipcars around the world. These vehicles are perfect for students who don’t envision themselves driving often, as you can book a Zipcar anywhere from one hour to one week. Even international students who have licenses can use Zipcar.

3. Driving a CSJ Van

The Center for Social Justice (CSJ) offers plenty of wonderful opportunities for students to get involved with different service opportunities, whether it’s after school tutoring or volunteering to work with those in need. You can check them out here. These different programs are often located at off campus locations, which require transportation. Most of these organizations use CSJ vans, which need certified Georgetown students to drive them. While you wouldn’t be able to drive the vans for personal use, you would be helping a good cause and getting your driving experience in D.C. all at once. Any department or program that has access to CSJ benefits can request a van. You can also apply to be a CSJ Van Assistant or get involved in one of their activities and volunteer to be the van driver. For students with work study awards in their financial aid packages, this is a good way to give back to the community while also earning work study compensation.

Lucky for most students, there are plenty of transportation options that don’t require driving. Check out our article on best ways to travel around Georgetown for other choices.