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26.2gether: How You Can Help


The nation was left stunned and heartbroken after the tragic events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon.  After hearing the news of the bombings and calling one’s friends and family, one can’t help but feel helpless, since all we could do here in Georgetown was come together in prayer and offer support.  As the news spread and everyone was glued to some kind of news outlet, we were saddened by the updates of the increasing number of casualties and victims, yet simultaneously uplifted by the news of the heroes who immediately sprang into action to help.  There were reports of runners finishing the marathon and running straight to the hospital to donate blood, while others could be seen saving lives by holding arteries to stop the flow of blood.  Although blood donations are usually in high demand, there was actually a surplus of blood as a result of the generosity of the heroes.  These acts of kindness, including people opening up their homes and assisting in any way possible, really speak to character and strength of both Boston and the nation as a whole, as everyone came together during this time of tragedy and confusion.

Being hundreds of miles away in Washington, D.C. while all of this was unfolding in Boston, many of us wondered what we could do to help.  It was important to offer prayer and support, yet we all wondered if there was anything more to be done.  Fortunately, people acted quickly and many foundations and ways to donate have emerged.  For those of you looking to help, but are still unsure how, here are some ways you can donate or just show support.

  1. Have your donation matched by the New England Patriots

The Kraft family has offered to match $100,000 in donations to the Boston Marathon victims.  You can donate here, or stop by Red Square and buy a bib for $3 to show your support and have your donation matched by the Patriots.

  1. Donate to the Boston First Responders Fund

The Boston Fire Fighters Credit Union is managing this fund to benefit the victims of the attack.  Checks or electronic donations are welcome, and more information about how to donate can be found here

  1. Text to Donate

This method of donation is the easiest for us college students.  With most of us on our phones 24/7, the least we can do is send an extra text to donate to the victims.  Vince Wilfork, the Patriots defensive captain, has offered everybody the opportunity to text VINCE to 50555 to donate $10 to the Vince Wilfork Foundation.  Until the end of the month, all proceeds will go to the victims of the bombings.

  1. Show Support

Though all donations are greatly appreciated, not everyone is able to donate, so there are other ways to help.  One Facebook page encourages you to just run for the victims and everyone affected by the bombings.  This should be enough of a motivation for all of us to get out there and run, even on our laziest days, because now we are running for something bigger than our own well being—we are running for all those who may never be able to run again.  However, if you’re not a runner you can show your support in other ways.  This same group has come up with a logo that says “26.2gether” that they urge you to spread in support of Boston and all those affected by the bombings. 

The tragedies of the Boston Marathon bombings have brought the nation together in a way that shows the strength and love of our country.  During this time, rivalries and competition have been forgotten, and everyone has come together in support of one of our beloved cities.  We are all a part of this unified community, and it is important for everyone to show their support and help in any way they can.  Together we are all Boston Strong.

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