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15 Reasons Why Being Single is Better

1) You can sleep in any position you want and take up the entire bed.

Roll around, kick, sleep diagonally, drool, snore.

2) You don’t have to share food.

There’s nothing worse than the “can I have some?” when you’re about to indulge in your favorite food. The difference between your friend and your boyfriend is that you can tell the first one “I paid three dollars for this cupcake, so no.”

3) You don’t have to shave your legs if you don’t want to.

Avoid the worst activity in the world with a pair of jeans because you’ll be the only one taking them off.

4) You don’t have to justify that container of cookie dough in the fridge.

As if anyone would believe “I’m holding for a friend.” What friend would actually trust you to hold their opened cookie dough.

5) You don’t have to buy gifts for anyone.

Save money and stress and refrain from buying him something he doesn’t want or need.

6) You get to sleep in your own bed.

Because his sheets aren’t scented or have a paisley pastel print.

7) Your roommate probably likes you a lot more.

She gets to sleep in her own bed too.

8) You don’t have to share every detail of your life.

No pestering questions like “where were you last night?” “why do you own that shirt?” “why are you watching Degrassi?” that look suspicious if you don’t answer.

9) You don’t have to be jealous or paranoid.

No need to stalk the profile pictures of that girl who laughs a little too hard at your boyfriends’ joke. You don’t have to go to the gym to compete with that, so break open the Nutella and celebrate your sanity.

10) You can be liberally attached to your phone.

Not avidly texting someone means you can focus on things other than being glued to your phone. And your heart doesn’t skip a beat every time it buzzes and it’s just DC weather alerts.

11) You have a lot more time to hang out with your friends.

Because most boyfriends are not willing to have margaritas and nachos while watching the Bachelor.

12) You can have a crush on whoever you want to.

You can call it like you see it. Hot professor? Hot security guard? Hot barista? Hot mailman? You can blush without remorse or giggle with your friends as you please.

13) You have more time to yourself.

And less time to constrict yourself to things like “bras” and “pants” when you’re alone.

14) You can go see Endless Love on Valentine’s day. 

I hear Alex Pettyfer is shirtless through a large portion of it.

15) You can eat where you want.

The difference between “where you do you want to eat” with your friends or your significant other is that Subway is an acceptable answer for your friends.

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