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10 Things New Yorkers Learn in College

Source: mylifeinlipstick.tumblr.com

There’s New York City, and then there’s the rest of the world.

1.     New York ≠ Manhattan: Turns out that big flat blob you see on the map labeled “New York State” isn’t just there as a space filler.

2.     You really don’t know anything about New Jersey or Connecticut: “Oh where in Jersey are you from?? I’m from New York!!” “[Insert random city here]” “…”

3.     People wear colors other than black: No, not just in the summer. No, I don’t mean gray and white.

4.     Food delivery is still a semi-foreign concept outside The City: Getting Pinkberry means putting on pants and walking 2 blocks.

5.     “JAP” isn’t a universal term: I had to explain it to my roommate, to which she replied “I only know of ‘DABS’” (Drunk Ass B*****s)

6.     Having a driver’s license is normal: Most people didn’t have the luxury of 24/7 (except for shift changes, rainy weather, and rush hour) drivers at their disposal (yes, I’m referring to taxi cabs).

7.     Walking in NY = Jogging everywhere else: New York really should have its own speed walking team in the Olympics.

8.     Not everyone has “Resting B***h Face”: In NY if someone smiles at you, they’re a creep. Anywhere else, they’re just nice.

9.     Stars and fresh air do exist: Global warming isn’t a myth; helicopters and smoke aren’t natural.

10. Most people will end up in NYC after college: As a true, native New Yorker though, you have no problem spotting these imposters.

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