Which “Insecure” Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Issa Rae’s phenomenal hit series, “Insecure” has gained hella popularity among millennials and college students today going through the struggles of everyday life. The show’s rawness tackles topics such as relationships, toxic masculinity, feminism, blackness and friendship. All the characters on the show symbolize at least one person you’ve met in your everyday life, which is why the show is just relatable AF.

If we could label a zodiac sign on each character from “Insecure,” then this is what their signs would be.

Aquarius: Molly

via NPR

Me and Molly share hella things in common which is why we share the same Zodiac sign. Molly’s very independent and the true definition of a girl boss. Her relationship life may not be the best since she has such high expectations for a partner, but she is definitely living her best life. Molly keeps striving regardless of the situations she’s put in which is why she always comes out on top. You go girl!

Pisces: Issa

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Of course the main protagonist would be a Pisces. Issa’s courageous personality makes her lovable by everyone, however, she does have crazy emotional issues. Issa’s the type to cry for help in silence, but tries not to accept the help when given. She’s very prideful, but she does care about others. She’s definitely the life of the party and she makes sure it’s known, especially during her crazy Lyft rides.

Aries: Frieda

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Frieda’s very compassionate about what she does, which is helping others through her job. She’s optimistic about improving things, and is certainly not afraid to take the lead when asked. Frieda thinks outside of the box and tries to make things relatable to her own personal life, which sometimes can be a fail. You have to be a special kind of person to love and hate Frieda because sometimes her character can get quite annoying. There’s no in-between with her.

Taurus: Tiffany

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Everyone has that one bougie friend who cares about nothing but herself and the finer things in life - and that’s Tiffany. Tiffany’s character tries too hard to make herself seem perfect and all put together which is why she often gets on everyone’s nerves. She’s easy to love, don’t get me wrong, but she is legit the total blonde of the friend group. But let’s be honest, we all need a Tiffany in our lives.

Gemini: Lawrence

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“Don’t you just love a Gemini man,” says no one ever. Lawrence sticks true to his sign. He’s a great motivator and idealist, however, he doesn’t always follow through. He can be a sensible guy, but he also can be swayed easily especially now that he’s entered the single life. Even though Lawrence might have some self-issues, he is definitely accepting of change and trying to become a better version of himself.

Cancer: Daniel

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Daniel’s that one ex you love because you love all the memories you had, but you also hate because of the person they are.  Daniel’s definitely a Cancer because he’s always focused on himself. He does have love for others, but when things don’t go his exact way, he gets all in his feelings about it. Creative as he is, he should more accepting of criticism than he is when gives it to others.

Leo: Dro

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If there’s one type of man you want to avoid in life, I would advise you to avoid a Leo. Dro captivates this sign to the T. His arrogant personality is what makes him annoying, but it also turns you on. He never thinks that he’s in the wrong in situations and tries to switch the blame on others. But don’t let the charm fool you, he’s definitely the devil in disguise.

Virgo: Kelly

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Kelly’s the best friend everyone aspires to have. She’s hilarious, warm-hearted and isn’t afraid to tell you like it is. She’s hard working, but is also humble about it as well. Kelly can be a sweetheart and emotional at times, but her charm and outgoing personality overshadows it all. If you don’t have a Kelly in your girl gang right now, I advise you to get one ASAP.

Libra: Derek

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Even though we haven’t seen much of Derek this season, he accurately falls in the Libra category. He’s a man of truth and all about keeping the peace. He’s that mellow friend you go to for advice because he’s going to keep it straightforward with you and try to view both sides. He definitely has more common sense than most of the characters on the show which is why they keep him the background.

Scorpio: Nathan

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Scorpio men are fine AF, but they are also complicated AF too. If I could categorize every Scorpio man I have ever been in contact with, Nathan would definitely be on that list. He’s mysterious and charming, but he’s also an ass. He tends to run away from his feelings when he feels himself letting his guard down which is why him and Issa don’t mesh because they are just alike. At one point I was rooting for Nathan, but now I can see right through his deceiving light eyes.  

Sagittarius: Chad

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As dirty as Chad is, he is one cool ass dude. His whimsical humor makes him your next go-to friend in a crazy situation. His advice might not be the wisest, but it might make the most sense. Chad is definitely the type to tell you live your best life and not give a crap who’s watching. Aspire to be the Chad of your friend group.

Capricorn: Tasha

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Tasha is as sweet as a typical Capricorn. She’s ambitious, easy to like, and logical in life. Even though she does let others run over her in situations, you can’t help but to love Tasha’s character. She’s there for those who might not as there for her, but she isn’t afraid to let them know that. I hope to see more of her in the future.

If you want to check out more about these crazy characters and fall in love with their roles on the show, be sure to check out “Insecure” on HBO, Sundays at 10:30 pm. It’s free for Mason students!