Travel Hacks to Get You Through the Summer

The list of responsibilities that we college women have often becomes much shorter as the summer months approach. With less classes, work scheduled and no extracurriculars on the calendar, this break between spring and fall semester seems to be the perfect time to kick our traveling into high gear. But let’s get real. We’re still in college and we’re not trying to break the bank. And we’ve got a lot of questions that we want to ask so that we can we live out the dreams of our inner world traveler with a small amount of money to spare.

1. How do you get there?

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Arguably, the most expensive part of traveling is paying for the journey itself. Airfare prices rise every day, especially as traveling becomes a more expensive industry. Obviously one way to save money in this category is to travel domestically, rather than internationally, but there are still plenty of tools you can use to save money on airfare. Skyscanner and Google Flights are great at showing you when the best days to travel are, showing you the differences of price between multiple days and weeks. Believe it or not, I have actually saved hundreds of dollars by leaving the day before or after I was originally going to leave for my trip. Students and adults under 26 can also benefit from the luxury of StudentUniverse, which finds crazy cheap deals for subscribers.

2. Where do you stay?

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Nowadays, everyone knows to go straight to Airbnb for an inexpensive place to stay. Staying at an Airbnb can give you a more authentic experience of your destination and are especially cheap and usually the best option if you are going in a group. However, if you’re trying fly solo on your trip this summer, then try a hostel. Most hostel rooms are similar to dorms in there are multiple beds to a room and common living areas such as laundry, kitchens and bathrooms. Perfect for solo travelers and explorers, some places can end up being less than $35/night and are a great way to meet fellow travelers!

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3. What should I eat?

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Eating out while on vacay can really eat up your budget. (see what I did there?) Eat wisely by cooking meals in your accommodations if possible, or by choosing two big meals and hitting up the local grocery store for snacks to keep on you while on the go. Search for restaurants beforehand so hopefully you can find the menu and their prices. Don’t neglect making food a priority though-- eating local cuisine is one of the best ways to experience a new place!

4. Where do I go?

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If you’re short on time and money with an expired passport, you should probably stay in the states. Figure out what your priorities are on your trip and go from there: do you want a beach trip? City life? Mountains? Southern charm? If you’re looking to go out of country, certain countries are a lot cheaper to travel to and stay in than others. See this list from Forbes for some awesome ideas.

Even if you’re a college student, you can still make travel a priority in your life; and with no kids or full-time job to tie you down, the whole WORLD is in your hands. Make the most of it this summer by using these travel hacks on your next vacay.