My Love-Hate Relationship with Birkenstocks

Birkenstock sandals. Some people wear them all year long even though they’re sandals. You know it’s nearly summertime when you see even more people wearing them without socks. They’re a popular sandal.

I bought a pair in high school based on all the reviews about how comfortable they were from people who have feet issues like mine. They boasted about the support, how the sandals looked good on their feet and how they lasted for years. Nearly all the reviewers had the same story about one thing: breaking the shoes in. Apparently, it takes a week or two to break these sandals in. To me, it seemed like a small price to pay for all the orthopedic benefits I was informed about from both friends, internet reviews, and Birkenstock themselves.


I bought a pair for around $100, which back then when I worked at Subway after school, was nearly my entire check. It would be worth it though I thought. They would look so cute on my feet and I would be extra comfortable. They would also go with any outfit I wore so it was a win-win. I chose the Mayari Birko-Flor which are now selling for $99.95.

When I got them, I was so excited! I tried them on and immediately noticed how weird they felt on my feet. No worries though, just had to break them in, right? I wore them for short periods of time for over two weeks. No results. They still hurt.

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I continued, however, to wear them because I thought everyone’s break-in time might be different. We all have different feet even if we have the same issues.

No such luck.

It’s been two years and these shoes still hurt my feet whenever I walk in them longer than five minutes. It’s disappointing because I wasted valuable money, I didn’t really have to spare on shoes that were supposedly good for my feet. I don’t know whether I’ll be purchasing another pair of sandals from Birkenstock. I reached out to them and told them about the issues I’ve had with the shoes in the two years that I’ve had them and here is how they responded.

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Maybe it’s just not meant to be or maybe I’ll try their soft bed sandals once my bank account is in the double digits.  

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