#ITriedIt: Moxielash

If you’re anything like me, makeup isn’t your most natural born talent. You’ve probably avoided using makeup for ages. Then, whenever you tried applying some you’d have to restart about 50 times due to the various mistakes you made. And when it comes to putting on falsies, you end up with your lashes glued wayyyyy too far above your lash line or your eyes just glued shut all together. Thankfully, due to the persistence of Facebook and Instagram ads, combined with my lack of money-saving willpower, I finally gave in and tested out the Moxielash system you may have been eyeing as well.

Recently, I’ve taken up an interest in learning how to do my own makeup. I had always been into cool and funky lipsticks, but that was about the extent of my makeup knowledge. However, since the summer started, I decided to learn how to actually use some of the products I receive in subscriptions, like my Ipsy box. 

After I figured out how makeup actually works, (and how not to make myself look like I rolled around in a bag of Cheeto dust when applying bronzer) I figured it was time to revisit the world of eyelash falsies. Like I mentioned earlier, I had used them before and my experience hasn’t always been the best. It seemed like anytime I tried putting the falsies on I hated how they sat on my eye and it took way too long for me to get them applied just right. I had also tried out various magnetic eyelash sets, but none of those seemed to fit my eyes properly. So, when I saw the ads about Moxielash it pretty much became the only thing I was watching YouTube videos about for a solid two weeks. 

For those of you who have managed to avoid the social media ads somehow, Moxielash is a system that combines both magnetic eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner to secure your falsies on. Essentially, how it works is you put on the magnetic eyeliner, making sure that it’s completely dry before you put your lashes on. Once dried, the lashes will stick wherever the eyeliner was applied. This makes it so they sit right at your lashline and contour perfectly to your eye shape. 

I bit the bullet and spent the $75 it costs for one of their lash and eyeliner duos. They have several styles of lashes but I ended up going with the style Flashy. Upon opening the lashes, I noticed that a few of the lashes were kinda curly or mangled looking. This is not what you’d expect for $75, but I figured I’d test them out anyway.

Image Courtesy of the Author 

When I tested them out, I put on a normal eyeliner first to give myself an outline of the look I wanted to achieve. Then I went over it with the magnetic eyeliner in their kit. The liquid eyeliner was a bit thicker than what I was used to. Since I’m not the most steady-handed, I managed to get some of the liner on my actual eyelashes. But in general, it wasn’t a difficult application process. It takes a few minutes for the eyeliner to dry, so be patient. Otherwise, it becomes a whole mess. This might be a bit more of an issue for someone who has hooded eyes like I do. So, just close your eyes and fan the liner until you’re certain it’s dry. 

After that, you take the magnetic lashes and put them where you want. That’s it. It's as simple as that. And guess what? If it’s not in the right spot, you just pull ‘em off and reposition them. It was revolutionary for me! The lashes also held onto the liner really well. I mean it didn’t hurt to pull them off or anything, but I flicked them around and wore them out with no issue at all.


Image Courtesy of the Author 

When the time eventually came for me to take them off, I found that removing the eyeliner from my eye was the hardest part. Cleaning the lashes was easy peasy, but I ended up having to use a more oily makeup remover to get the eyeliner off of my lids (as well as the bits of eyeliner I managed to get on my natural eyelashes). I also discovered that other magnetic lashes worked with the liner, so I could use those as well as the Flashy lashes I purchased from Moxielash. 

Overall, I liked the system. There are definite pros and cons to it all, but in the end, I found them to be really easy to use and definitely easier than using traditional lash glue. 

Image Courtesy of the Author