I Tried Suvara Spray Tan and I Loved It

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Summer can’t come soon enough. With this cloudy, gray and cold weather still lurking around during these spring days, I have felt like winter is never going to end. Daydreaming about summer days by the pool and beachy waves made me beyond excited about being tan. However, when I looked at myself in the mirror, I noticed how pale I was. After hearing about Suvara, an organic sunless spray tan, from my cousin’s wife, I knew I had to try it. Huda Loynab from Dolce Vita Salon offered me my best first spray tan experience ever!  

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My appointment started off by establishing exactly what tone I wanted. I wanted a subtle look that was not too obvious that I had just gotten a spray tan, since I had literally just seen my classmates and professors the day before. Huda was great at communicating to me the different shades I could choose from and how much of a variance it would be from my base tone. Based on what I told her I wanted, she knew exactly which shade to apply. Then, she offered me disposable undergarments to use depending on how I wanted my tan lines to look. I love how with an airbrush tan, if you don’t want any tan lines, you don’t have to have any. Everything will look and depend on exactly how you want it. Following this, she explained the whole procedure to me and we were off to starting the spray tan.

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Huda applied the airbrush tan all over my body twice and then dried me off to see if there were any spots that still needed to be evened out. She also applied a cream to protect my cuticles from changing color and on my knees to prevent in from becoming a darker complexion than the rest of my body. Overall, the spray tan felt great! I felt as if I was being misted and the whole procedure only lasted about 30 minutes. It was quick, easy and painless. The final color looked divine. I didn’t look orange at all and had exactly the sunkissed, bronze tone that I had wanted. I showered the next morning, the color had set in more and looked even better and more natural. It looked so good that I didn’t even have to wear any foundation or bronzer, just eye makeup and lipstick. Right off the bat, I had received so many compliments from family and friends about how good and natural it looked.

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Overall, I had a wonderful spray tan experience. Huda, the spray tan artist, listened to my wants and gave me exactly that. My shade was a perfect and subtle bronze tone that strengthened my excitement for summer. If you’re in the DMV area, I definitely recommend trying her out. Spray tans are perfect for upcoming events like weddings, graduation, spring gatherings or even if you have to stay inside all summer and need a refreshing sunkissed look. Get yours today!

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