I Stopped Using Plastic Straws and You Should Too

Single-use plastic is one of the WORST forms of plastic. Plastic straws are used only once then thrown away, taking hundreds of years to break down even though they are never fully biodegradable. Straws are also one of the most picked up items on beaches, with 500 million being used each day in the United States alone. Many people, myself included, have pledged to use less single-use plastic by investing in a reusable metal or glass straw.

The website One Less Straw is taking pledges and raising money for this cause. If you go to their website, you can take the pledge to stop using plastic straws and that you will donate a certain amount of money for each plastic straw you accept within the next 30 days. This money is then donated to your school’s environmental education program. When signing the pledge, you’ll also be sent a link for a free reusable glass straw from Simply Straws. All you have to do is pay for shipping!

Via OneLessStraw.org

I signed up for the campaign as soon as I heard about it and then went out to get a straw. Sure, I may have gotten a few strange looks, but it’s worth it to know that I’m doing my part to save the environment. This is also a great opportunity to inform people about the issues with single-use plastic and get more people involved! It’s a great conversation starter when people see you with your reusable straw and it gives you a chance to share info about the campaign.

Many restaurants are also signing this pledge and only serving straws upon request by the customer. Nearly 40 restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area have signed the pledge thanks to a local group.Make sure to support these businesses if you are heading that way this summer!

=It may seem like something small, but with so many businesses and individuals taking the pledge, a huge difference is being made. Help save the planet and invest a few dollars into a reusable straw, Mother Earth will thank you.