How I Got Long Hair

Like most women, I have cut my hair short at least once in my life. I cut it short at the end of my senior year of high school to finally rebel against the strict hair rules my theater department had. I loved it and continued to cut it shorter and shorter as my freshman year of college went on till it got to my jaw at the end of the summer before sophmore year. It got to a point that even though I liked my short hair, I was getting tired of doing the same thing to it everyday. I couldn't pull it up or in a headband because it was too short. I couldn't curl it either. It was air dry or straightening as my only options, so I decided to grow it back out. In about a year and a half of growth it has gone from my jaw down to my mid back which is crazy fast. So I thought I would share what I did for those looking to get results a little faster than usual.

1. Don't Wash Your Hair Everyday: Okay I always was skeptical about this because it just seemed gross but I slowly started washing it every other day to every two days and now I'm at a point where I can go about five days. To help out its best to buy a shower cap to cover you hair when you shower so your hair stays dry. This also means you'll have to do less intese styling everyday. Dry shampoo can also help extend the time between washes. 

2. Get A Good Shampoo: I bought that Mane N Tail I always saw people talking about since it was supposed to be a miracle worker and well the internet did not lie to me. It's techincally for horses and dogs because of the protein rich formula. The protein helps grow your hair faster and make it stronger. So getting any kind of protein shampoo would be a great idea

3. If You Dye Your Hair, Get One With Oils: I love my dyed red hair and had no plans of giving it up to help with growth so I switched to a Garnier dye because it has multiple different oils that are good for your hair (like avocado oil).

4. Use An Oil On Your Ends: I have a thing of Argan Oil that I use about once a week on my ends to keep them from drying out. Coconut Oil is also a great one.