How to Find Yourself Through Fashion

Fashion plays a big role in how people perceive you. It’s like the key of nonverbal communication. Most people have a reason that they get into fashion. Personally, I did not first get into fashion until I moved and I felt like I was in a really lonely place. I decided that through fashion, I was going to reclaim my own identity and along the way I met others who took their fashion sense and incorporated it into their personality.  Here are some questions to ask yourself while putting together a good fit.

1. What do you enjoy?

What do you enjoy to do in your free time? Use those things to embody who you are as a person. Graphic tees, ripped jeans and oversized shirts are distinctive fashion pieces. If you enjoy skating or painting, let your hobbies show through your clothing.

Courtesy of Jaya Douglas

2. How would you describe your personality?  

Knowing yourself is very important when it comes to fashion because you have to know what is in your comfort zone and what risks you’re willing to take with your clothing. If you’re introverted, you may show that through darker color outfit pieces. Everything from glasses to a belt matters when it comes to putting together a full outfit. AJ pulls off a classy day outfit by using dark pants and suspenders with a floral shirt to add a little pop of color.

Courtesy of AJ Orr

3. What type of colors do I feel I looked best in?

Knowing what shades and colors you look good in comes in handy when picking out outfits. Darker skin tones and lighter skins pop differently while wearing different colors. Experiment with different patterns, shades and dynamics to figure out what you look best in. J’lyn models a bright colored shirt with a matching headband to make her skin look more golden in the sunlight. The color of the shirt and the color of her skin compliment each other.

Courtesy of J’lyn Orr

4. Was I trying to fit in or stand out in a crowd?

There are certain trends that are considered “in” and “out.” If you are trying to be “different,” yet in style, understanding how to take out trends and make them current is really important. Being trendy is all about what looks good on you. Fashion is all about knowing your vibe and who you are as a person. Elise is sporting a hip 90’s look that can be as easy as wearing a patterned flannel over a regular shirt with mom jeans. She uses her fashion to stand out in a crowd. How will you use your fashion sense?


Courtesy of Elise Kimm

Taking to Instagram and other social sites to look for inspiration always helps to find out the answers to all these questions by trial and error, but these are the questions I needed to answer before I could even pull out my wallet to purchase clothing. Knowing yourself and your style is the most important factor when it comes to finding yourself through fashion.