Is Going Greek Right For You?

When you hear about college, I am sure a lot of the times you hear about sororities or fraternities. You may be super interested in joining but are kind of nervous or overwhelmed, or you are interested and know nothing about greek life. This article is going to give you a little insight into this beautiful world of greek life. 

1. If you are looking for sisterhood… or a family

Sororities can sometimes feel like your family or sisters once you join. A lot of the time, when you first start college you lose that family feeling right away. Joining a sorority can most definitely replace that feeling that you lost. Not to mention you create bonds with all of the girls like no other!

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2. Community service?

Every sorority or fraternity serves a greater purpose. Whether that be donating or helping others, they all have a community service. A great way to see what you like is to do some research. See what that sorority gives too and see what fits you best.

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3. Networking? Networking.

Joining one of these families is a great way to network and get to know people who can potentially employ you in the future. Let's say you are required to get an internship in the future, but can not find one. But, you have a sister who is apart of a company that needs an intern, she could put in a good word for you and boom! You have an internship. When you get to know people who are apart of the same program as you, you begin to see all of the opportunities unfold.

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4. Time commitments...

Being apart of a sorority means giving a lot of time to it. If you feel you have a lot of time on your hands, joining might be perfect for you. Sometimes sororities can take up a lot of time with the events that they host. Not to mention recruitment time is packed. Who would not want to spend their time with their girls?

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5. Fun, fun, fun!

So much fun is involved with a sorority. You are constantly hanging out with your girls and creating inside jokes. And seriously, who does not love inside jokes? You will find yourself playing games, eating out, going places, and doing things you never would have thought. No matter which one you join, you are bound to have loads of fun!

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Joining can seem a little overwhelming at first, but if you are dedicated to it, you will truly enjoy yourself. Good luck with recruitment time, collegiettes!