Five Reasons It’s Okay to be Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here, but some ladies may not be feeling the love this year. When you’re single, every time February 14th rolls around, it seems that everybody else is paired up with the love of their lives. It can be really isolating because you feel like you’re the only one on the entire planet without a special someone to share the day with. 

Trust me, you are not alone! While being single on Valentine’s Day may seem like a bad thing, it most definitely is not. There are so many reasons why being single on February 14th this year is a good thing. Here’s just a few.

1. You can focus more on yourself.

Being single may be the biggest blessing in disguise we can ask for. So much of our time is filled with all work and no play; we never get to take any time to relax and focus on ourselves. It’s super important for us to remember that we should put ourselves first sometimes. Watch your favorite movie, curl up with a good book, or soak in a bubble bath. Just do whatever makes you happy.

girl taking bubble bath while looking at landscape Roberto Nickson Via Unsplash 

2. You get to spend some extra time with your girls.

If you’re feeling a little left out this Valentine’s Day, remember you don’t need a significant other in order to join in on the festivities. The ladies of the world joined together to create a holiday just for us girls, Galentine’s Day! On February 13th, gather up your girls and live it up. You can spend a night on the town, or stay in and have a spa night. Either way, you’ll be surrounded by your girls and having a blast.

girl and friends posing Photo by Adrienn from Pexels Via Pexels 

3. You don’t have to worry about gift-giving.

Some people believe that Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to spend money on unnecessary gifts. If you’re single, you don’t have to worry about this. You get to save your hard-earned dollars instead of spending it on teddy bears and cards you only look at once. You can save your money for a rainy day.

heart shaped gift w plant Photo by from Pexels Via Pexels

4. You get to enjoy all the after Valentine’s Day sales.

Valentine’s Day goes hand in hand with candy. Of course, the stores always put way too much candy on the shelves. This is great for people who just love candy because you can hit up Target and buy some 50% off chocolate on February 15th!

Box of chocolates Via Jill Wellington on Pixabay Via Pixabay​

5. You don’t have to stress over your plans.

No plans, no problem. You don’t have to worry about making sure every detail goes exactly according to plan because you have no expectations you have to meet for the evening. If you don’t feel like wearing heels and a dress, no worries because you can stay in your sweatpants all night long. The plans for the night are totally up to you!

women sitting on a chair in front of book with coffee Priscilla Du Preez Via Unsplash 

Being single on Valentine’s Day is totally normal! A good chunk of us ladies, myself included, will be finding other ways to spend the night instead of going out on a date. Single ladies, put your hands up and own your status on February 14!