Don’t Forget the 2019 Elections

The 2020 presidential election has been making headlines for months now with new candidates adding their names to the hat every few weeks. It’s great to be informed about these candidates ahead of time (duh) but we can’t forget the 2019 elections in Virginia.

If you didn’t already know, Virginia is one of the few states that has an election each and every year. This year, all 40 seats of the Senate of Virginia and 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates are up for re-election, as are many local offices. The primary takes place on June 11th and elections will take place on November 5th.

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Absentee voting for the primary has begun, so if you’re heading home for the summer make sure to get your ballot in! You can vote early absentee in person at the Fairfax County Government Center or request your ballot to mail! If you are not already registered to vote you can get registered here!

In 2017, Democrats in Virginia won many seats previously held by Republicans but were still unable to gain the majority. This election could change that. However, given recent events, many are skeptical about the Democrats ability to win this election. All eyes will be on Virginia this November.

Collegiettes, no matter which party you vote for, make sure your voice is heard and VOTE!