Campus Cutie: Robert Leuck

Robert comes to George Mason from Miller Place, New York. This Puerto Rican, Italian, German, and Irish gentleman is sure to sweep you off your feet with his charisma and charm! I got the chance to interview him and find out his passions, hobbies, and ideal date. 



What are you studying at Mason: Business Management

What inspired you to go into Management: I would like to run my own horse training and sales operation.

How long have you dreamed of doing this: Since I was 12. I’ve been riding horses for 11 years now.

Do you have any horses? I have two of the best horses on the planet, Bliss and Macchiato. Bliss is an American Paint pony and she’s 12 years old. Macchiato is a Trakehner and he’s 10 years old.

Do you compete your horses: Yes, I compete in dressage. It’s like gymnastics for the horse and we’re dancing together. We have to do movements in a predetermined manner and we have to memorize it. It takes years to train a horse. You start the horse at three years old. With the proper training and if the horse has the potential, it could become an Olympic level horse at the age of 10. 



What level do you compete at: I've shown through Third Level. Right now, I’m schooling Fourth Level and Prix St. Georges with the intention to show Prix St. Georges in the spring of 2016.

What else do you like to do in your spare time: I like to hang with friends, explore DC, and watch Netflix.

Could you name a couple shows you’re currently into: Sure! How to Get Away with Murder, Arrow, Scandal, and Revenge.

So, what’s your ideal date: I love the beach, so I’d have to say dinner by the beach and a stroll along the beach afterwards. 

Is there anything else you want to say to the readers: Follow me on [email protected]

We hope you to see you show Prix St. Georges this spring, Robert! Make sure to check out this cutie’s Instagram so you can follow him on his journey to become a horse trainer and sales operator!



Photos courtesy of Robert Leuck