A Broke Bitch's Guide to Clue Week

Whether you’re greek or in an organization or club that has a big/little system the long-anticipated time is approaching. What a week full of love, excitement, eagerness and…. breaking the bank! Before you swipe that card or slave over a canvas, check out this list for affordable, adorable clue week gifts!


Clue Week

                                    Via Total Sorority Move


1.     Picture Frame

Put your clues inside and make sure you give them a cute picture of you both to put in it later at big/little reveal.


2.     Cookies or Cupcakes

Get creative and have clues on each cupcake or letters on each cookie to spell out a clue. But honestly, you could just swipe them from Southside!


3.     Mason Jar

Clean out a jam jar and fill it with little clues and/or reasons why you love your Little, along with some cute and decorative ribbons and stickers!


4.     Scavenger Hunt

Set up clues around campus for them to go on the ultimate scavenger hunt for a clue to who their big is. All you need are some markers and paper!


5.     Surprise Serenade

Employ a friend, frat pledge or younger org member to surprise them with flowers and a song at their door.


6.     Crossword Puzzle

Have each clue, or parts of the clues, written as part of the puzzle, but don’t forget to add an answer key!


7.     Any Mystery Show/Movie Related Clue

Have a Scooby Doo, Blue’s Clues, PLL, Gossip Girl, or Clueless (pun intended) themed clue card. Use a different one for each day!


8.     Guess Who Game Board

Grab an old board game and replace the character’s faces with pictures of people from your organization, have them use it to help narrow down their guesses as to who their big is!


9.     Secret Number Texts

Create a different phone number through a (free) app or Google Voice and text them cute things and/or more clues throughout the day


10.  Balloon in a Box

Attach a helium balloon to a string and at the end have your clues tied to it. When they open the box their clues will float right up to them like a scene right out of a Disney movie


11.  Mixtape of Their Fave Songs or Summer-Lovin-Belt-With-The-Windows-Down Songs

If you can burn a CD, do it big and go old-school. However, you can also just make a Spotify playlist! Attach a note saying that the first letter of each song title spells out a clue.


12.  Cute Big/Lil Shirts

Give this to them the last day and have them wear it to big/little reveal for the cutest matchy-matchy Instagram pictures!



Big/Little Reveal

Via PhotoPin

1.     Stuffed Mascot

Buy or make (if you’re a creative chick) a plushy of your organization’s mascot and dress it up!


2. Favorite Candy or Snack

A self-explanatory staple of a gift, you can’t screw this one up!


3. Shirts

Using a pack of iron-on transfer sheets, make your own creative designs and print them onto the sheets (backwards). Then, just iron them onto a shirt for a cute, custom look!

4. Personalized Hat

You can buy a plain hat to use the fabric and heat bond method and issa look once again!


5.     Family Tree

Paint a canvas with your family tree so they can now get to know the fam!


6.     Hug-in-A-Mug

Get a plain mug (pretty inexpensive at local craft stores), customize it with a permanent marker, and bake it off at 350 degrees for 20 minutes to seal your creation in!


7.     Custom Phone Case

Buy a clear case and brand it in style with paint, decals, or even scrapbook paper. Make sure to pay attention to what kind of phone your Little has!


8.     Candles

Another self-explanatory and classic gift! It’s really really impossible to mess this one up.


9.     Personalized Drinkware

Get bubba mugs, wine glasses, or even shot glasses and make them match with big/little or your initials! Nothing is more srat at a party than rolling up in style with your little.


10.  Initial Letter

Get a wooden block letter of their initials or your organization’s acronym and customize it to make for some sweet décor.


I would include pictures of all of my crafts but that would take all of the fun out of it for Little, wouldn’t it? Here’s to holding your breath as you swipe your card and keep your fingers crossed that twins aren’t thrown your way!