The Bistro: Mason's Hidden Gem

Mason Dining has gone through many changes since we have been back at school. The includes the closing of some of our favorites, (HotSpot & Gold Rush), and confusing hours of operation changes. But there is still one thing that stays constant: The Bistro. The Bistro, located on the ground floor of the Johnson Center, continues to be a staple among professors and students alike. It has quality food and great choices without the crowded feel of Southside or the lines. Many people simply don’t know about it at all. When you go to the ground floor of the JC to other buildings or the new Starbucks that just opened look in the corner adjacent from that and you will see the Bistro (it is easy to miss). 

Once you enter the doors, there is a smiling face ready to swipe you in! After that, you can look around at all the delicious foods that they serve. Almost always you’ll find pizza, pasta, soup, salad, and desserts among other choices. Along with those choices there are daily special entrees like fried Tilapia or chicken stir-fry, for example. Oh and also another thing about The Bistro… you can take things home! So if you’re feeling too full or are in a rush then it’s a great option! So be sure to check out the Bistro when you get a chance! It’s open from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm Monday through Friday!

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