The Best New Music Releases This Week

The past few days proved to be a huge money maker for the rap industry. With the announcement of three new albums from major artists, the *actual* release of two of those and new singles from various artists, fans have a lot of new tunes to keep up with. Here’s a quick rundown of the best of the weekend, so you can hit the gym with some new motivational playlists.

Lil Wayne - Carter V

Carter V is Lil Wayne’s 26th studio album, while he is only 36 years old. The album has supposedly been ready since 2012, but there were complications between Wayne and his record label that prevented him from being able to release it earlier. Floyd Mayweather posted the album cover with the caption “{goat emoji} #21”, which led to speculation from fans about the album dropping September 21st. There was worldwide disappointment when the day came and went, without a new album. After confusion about the release date and backlash from fans, Wayne put out a 3 minute video to his fans about the album. He said he would be releasing it on his birthday, September 27th. He references this in Don’t Cry; “I am not number 1, it’s true. I am number 9-27-82”. In my opinion, this isn’t the same Lil Wayne as the first few Carter’s and his early career; or the Wayne that I remember from as a kid. The music feels a lot more modern, soulful and centered on his religion and feelings rather than the violent rap you may associate with him from 10 years ago.

My Favorite Songs: “Used 2”, “Uproar”, “Mess”, and “Problems”

Easter Eggs: A voiceover of former President Barack Obama is featured at the end of “Dedicate.”

Via Billboard

Logic - YSIV

YSIV is Logic’s last Young Sinatra album, which comes just under 7 months after his release of Bobby Tarantino II. You may know this 28 year old rapper from his hit song “1-800-273-8255,” which provoked a much needed conversation on mental health and suicide. After his live performance at the 2018 Emmy’s, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline received triple their average amount of calls for two hours. In YSIV, Logic continues the well known style of speaking over a beat, with a few of the songs reaching over 5 minutes. These stories consist of how exactly he got to where he is today, how he became a rapper, who supported him and their sacrifices for him. He also gives a tribute to the late Mac Miller in a song named after the album, “For those of y’all who don’t know man, Mac is the whole reason I’m doing this Young Sinatra shit.”

My Favorite Songs: “Last Call”, “YSIV”, and “Everybody Dies”

Easter Eggs: You can expect more stacked music from the young artist, as he claims he is “sittin’ on five unreleased albums” in “Everybody Dies.” The album cover bears a major similarity to Young Sinatra : The Mixtapes.  

Via Spotify

Kodak Black - “If I’m Lyin, I’m Flyin”

Kodak Black released a new single September 28th titled “If I’m Lyin, I’m Flyin.” This is his first single after Heart Break Kodak (HBK) in February 2018.

Via Spotify

Jeremy Zucker - summer,

The 21 year old pop singer also released his EP on September 28th. The album consists of five songs. He has been active since 2015, with previous hits such as “all the kids are depressed.”

My Favorite Songs: “comethru” and “thinking 2 much”

Via Spotify

Kanye - Yandhi

Kanye West announced last week that he was releasing his newest album, titled Yandhi, under his new name ‘Ye’ on Saturday. However, as the clock struck midnight Sunday morning, the album still hadn’t dropped. It’s safe to say that fans were pissed. Via Twitter

Kanye was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live’s 44th season premiere, where he performed “I Love It,” his most recent single, with Lil Pump. The two donned Fiji and Perrier sparkling water bottle costumes... aka everyone’s new favorite Halloween costume. After a spectacle of a night, there was silence on the ‘Yandhi’ release, until Kim K tweeted out Monday that the new release date is November 23. Via Twitter

It’s safe to say that it was a good weekend for the music industry. If all the new tunes aren’t enough, check out Her Campus George Mason’s Spotify account for themed playlists, new releases and our staff’s faves!