7 Valentine’s Nail Looks

My favorite part of Valentine’s season is the decor. There’s something about the colors, the hearts, the abundance of stuffed animals and lovey designs in every store you walk into that reminds me of my hopeless romantic side. I can’t picture a Valentine’s date without roses and candles, while still feeling nostalgic about Fun Dip valentines in primary school. If you love the love in the air as much as I do, you’ll want to feel a part of the fun, whether you’re in a relationship or not. You may not want to overdo the red look, so here are 7 different nail ideas, whether you’re a minimalist or extra AF.

1. Sweethearts

If you’re a lovey dovey romantic, try out a soft pink design with a small decal. Your go to love song is likely something from Taylor Swift’s country days.

Via Pinterest

2. Queen of Hearts

Channel your inner Red Queen and be the center of attention with this bold style.

Via @_kknails on Instagram

3. Classic Red

We all love something new and exciting, but going back to the classics is never a bad idea. If you’re hoping for a romantic dinner date with wine and candles after a day in the office, a deep red polish will keep you professional and sexy.

Via @sololamusicanellamiatesta on Tumblr

4. Glitter & Hearts

You’re sure to be the center of attention with this glittery pink design. A few red hearts really make these nails stand out.

Via Pinterest

5. Heartbreaker

Take advantage of a new nail shape and get creative with these sharp edged red heart nails.

Via @klassdaddy on Instagram

6. Heart on My Sleeve

For a simple and sweet look that’ll last long after the 14th, try a light pink polish with a small decal, such as a tiny red heart.

Via dailytipstops.blogspot

7. XO

Pretend you’re in the ‘7 rings’ music video with this stylish yet classy design.

Via @philglamournails on Instagram

Spice up your style this month with inspiration from these nail ideas, and send your Valentine’s looks to @hercampusgeorgemason to be featured on our Instagram story!